Where Are The Wines In This Store?

       Currently we do not sell wines directly off the website as we are not permitted to sell to every visitor. Our inventory changes quite quickly, many of our selections are a case or two, of course if you know what you want we are able to  place special orders and bring in exactly what you would like!  Please feel free to call or send us an email and we will respond the same day, we receive deliveries from our suppliers 2-3 times a week, so once we know the wine is available we can arrange delivery within the same week, most of the time!


Wine Shop


        Off The Vine is a local resource for wine drinkers. Our Main Street shop has been here for over 25 years and is best known as a place where someone is always here to help our customers. 

         1st time buyers aren't always sure how to describe what they want, and are not confident in which words to use, We simply remind everyone that we all started with no wine, and built on every taste experience, so we know where you are coming from and how far you can go 

         When you know what you like we can talk to you about similar but not the same, and perhaps introduce you to new varietals, regions & producers

Our Selection


   Our buying process ensures that we have access to so many more wines from here at home and around the world than when we opened in 1993!


    We still talk with our suppliers every week, learn about their new vintages, wineries, and expressions, then whittle down the list to only the styles & varietals we are most interested in, and then start tasting each and every one! It is a tough job, meeting the winemakers, hearing their stories tasting & spitting, taking copious notes and eventually selecting our next buys! (But don't feel bad for us we quite enjoy it and look forward to coming back to work each day!)

About Off The Vine


     Off The Vine is the oldest Wine Shop in the historic district of Main Street Grapevine. When we opened we were pretty close to the only place in the village to find a bottle to buy! 

     Our small staff of Wine Lovers have been with us for a decade or more, have helped a generation of new to wine drinkers fine tune their choices, and have built connections with many of the top wineries in the country. Whether this will be your first bottle to bring home, or a case to lay down for your grandchildren, we have the experience to help! 

      We hope you'll come visit us and allow us to serve you too!

Here To Help


     Off The Vine has over twenty years of experience in helping our neighbors find wines they enjoy! 

     Our tastes change as we grow, and part of our job is to remember what wines you enjoy the most!  

      When you shop with us we will always be there to chat with you, listen to what you want and offer suggestions that we have tasted ourselves.

    For a special gift, wine for dinner tonight or any occasion coming up, we are here to help you!

Cellar Club

    "DFW's Best Monthly Wine Club"

A great gift for budding wine drinkers

Member Benefits

  • Free Monthly Preview Tasting

  • Complimentary Tasting Invite

  • 10% Off All In-Store Purchases

  • $20 Gift Card For Referrals

  • Quarterly loyalty bonus program

  • Monthly, Members Pre-sale tasting of new Cellar Club wines 

  • 15% Discount off any additional orders of current Cellar Club

  • Allocated Wines Email Alerts

  • Travel suggestions & assistance

  • Access 1st Priority reservations for tastings & events


324 S. Main Street, Grapevine, Texas 76051    (817) 421-1091

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