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    Wine clubs were designed when there were not many options for buying wine locally, the intention was to be able to receive new wine every month, delivered to your home what would taste good, have a nice story and you didn't have to cross county lines to go buy it!   Now its about so much more than convenience, you become a member of a local community!

       Now that every corner & grocery store has wine available to select from, having someone or a computer, pick your wines for you is not as easy to sell. So we thought, how about if you could taste the wines before bringing them home? What if you could change your selection based on the taste or varietal? In fact, wouldn't it be nice if you could just say, no thank you none of these is my kind of wine so I'll take none this month AND still remain in the club!   

               2023 Membership $125  .....  Check Out The List Of Included Items Including 11 Previews

If you are thinking of membership as a gift to family or friends, we'll include extra 2-1 Tasting Too!

We're Looking Forward To Seeing You All! 

Off The Vine's Cellar Club 2023 - offers three pairs of wines selected each month with increasing complexity and depth inside the bottles, chosen as special treats for everyday wine drinkers

(Explorer @ 50 per month), adventurous types that want new palate & varietals to experience (Oenophiles @ 75 per month), and cellar-worthy buys that will continue to mature and develop the longer they are allowed to rest.(Reserve @ 125 per month

  • All Cellar Club Members Enjoy Drinking Up These Unique Benefits :

  • Certificate For Complimentary Wine Tasting Event*

  • 10% Off All In-Store Purchases*

  • $25 Gift Card for each new Cellar Club Member referral

  • $25 Gift Card for every $500 in purchases awarded quarterly

  • Complimentary Pre-Release Tasting Pick Up At The Shop

  • 15% Discount off additional orders of Cellar Club Selections, when available 

  • Cellar Club Members Allocated Wines Email Alerts

  • Wine travel suggestions & courtesy introductions

  • No minimum term required

  • Charged to your card monthly Cellar Club selections can be picked up from the shop or delivered for free locally (five mile radius), shipping assistance offered for longer distances

  • Discounts applied to regular prices and are not valid with sales, closeouts or with other discounts.


Cellar Club membership information flyer

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A Copy Of Our

2022 Membership Offer

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