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Off The Vine hosts events in our Tasting Space next door

Comfortable setting for up to 30 guests, offered in both public and custom private event formats. Holly & Marius Donnelly have been offering tasting events for over twenty years, enjoy speaking about Wine & Whiskey and are known for being approachable & entertaining as they encourage guests to broaden their palate!


OTV's WOW TASTINGS -  Wine, Whiskey or Sparking Wines!

  • Each event is a little different but most run 1+1/2 - 2 Hours

  • Six expressions Sample Pours of featured drink

  • Light Snacks served to accompany beverage

  • Background on each expression, producer, style

  • Conversational presentation lots of Q&A time.

  • Open seating with Reservations (Party grouping available)

  • Private or Custom events can be arranged - 

    • Bridesmaid  / Bachelor Shower Tastings​

    • Promotion or Retirement Events

    • Networking or Team Building

    • Social groups, Fundraising, Corporate Mixers  


Each event scheduled is listed here with enhanced descriptions, pricing and timing linked to our AllEvents Organizer hub.

Click the calendar event image of most interest and the page will open in a new tab. Secure Payments are accepted via Stripe


Speaker's Bios & Approach To Tasting

Wine Tastings: - Holly D!

Holly started in wines without the help of a restaurant career, going straight into retail and the daily tasting opportunities!  Her first question to tasters is .... Do YOU like it?

What retail has, that a dining room doesn't always, is a continuous churn of labels, styles, seasonal and hemispheric changes to the inventory. Every day there are more tasting opportunities than there are open slots in the wine shelves to be filled.

Holly brings the best of her finds to her tastings. Always with a story, often with a unique take on the varietal, but most of all an opportunity to expand palate experiences. OTV's tastings are sit down socials, interactive events with great conversation between guests, and trade leaders offering presentations, with lots of laughing!


Don't miss the Monthly Bubbles & Sabers, every bottle is opened by sword, and usually.... by one of our "I've never-sabered-before-guests"! Meet Holly's "Jack Sparrow" saber and from then on its the only way you'll want to start your parties!

Whiskey Tastings: - Marius 

Whiskey Tasting with Marius is always designed to be a fun time!

His favorite phrase is "Whiskey Was Never Intended To Torture! If its burning, or stinging..... you may be doing it wrong!" We'll show you the difference between Drinking & Tasting, and why each has its own beneficial techniques!

For beginners: Marius will help you enjoy learning how to taste, you'll be chewing, cracking & nosing in no time!


Experienced tasters enjoy their time too as he'll delve a little deeper on details, and more of the whiskey geek details on the selection.  Events are designed to allow our guests to sample expressions side by side, to jump back and forth, and recognize differences. Each at their own pace, with the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences. We're sure you'll feel better when leaving us, than you did when we started!


The Cellar ~ Tasting & Event Space 

Guests attending a tasting event in Off The Vine's Cellar
The Cellar by OTV

Our Special Event space conveniently situated next door to the wine shop! 

   Designed specially for small group events up to 30 guests, our flexible arrangements ensure that everyone gets to chat with the Winemaker, Chef, Host or Moderator depending on your event. 

  Outfitted with Riedel Glassware for our tasting events it is a great space for introducing new Wines, Beers and Whiskies in a private room that entirely adaptable to feature brands of choice. 

   The Cellar is fully licensed and available for private events, our team will assist with arrangements for Catering, Bar Service or Presentations. 

Guests attending a tasting event at Off The Vine Texas



Featuring Your Choice of Wines or Whiskies!

Screen shot image from a Zoom Event held by Off The Vine, Texas

We Host Zoom Events

  •  10 - 90 guests 

  •  Speakers both local and national

  •  Guests receive Tasting Samples in   advance, opening full bottles is not   required. 

  •  Local Delivery and Overnight Mail to   regional destinations  

  •  Tasting Notes and Background included

  •  Choose the Wines, Snack Packs

  •  Optional Add Glassware

  •  Set the schedule 

  •  Zoom Event with you as the host!

  • Great for teams, relationship building and Icebreakers for Sales or Guests.

Family attending a tasting event at Off The Vine Texas
Our Zoom Tasting pack with minature bottles, tasting notes & credentials
Guests attending a wine event at Off The Vine Texas

Off The Vine's Cellar is available for Private Events - Tastings, Showers, Corporate, Family or Small Groups

Enjoy your own space without having the distraction of a restaurant or hotel 

Please call Holly at 817.421.1091 

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