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 We are promoters of this one idea, "To know Wine, we must Experience Wine!"  

            Tastings      *  Wines        * Whiskies       * Sparkling & Sabers   * Beer  

       Off The Vine is not just a wine shop that's been around for almost 30 years, offering weekly tastings for the past two decades, engaging palates and senses, offering suggestions on techniques and faux pas too! From large corporate receptions, to small group & social tastings, Holly & Marius Donnelly are known for legendary events both here at Off The Vine and at their now closed Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Dallas. 

To Learn Wine We Have To TASTE Wine ..... A Lot! 


       Holly would tell you that her first bad food wine pairing was her A HA moment which spurred her to spend the next 30 years tasting, learning, pairing, listening, visiting and tasting some more.

 When Holly hosts the tasting, her friendly approach, quick humor and years of tasting - sometimes as many as 100 wines a week - allows for an hour and a half jam packed full of tastes, reasons, places and anecdotes that entertain and affirmation on what you are finding in the wine.


Marius hosted luminaries of the whiskey trade at the Pub in Dallas for twenty years, and was the first in Dallas to offer a regular monthly Whiskey tasting program, catering to everyone from first time drinkers to collectors and connoisseurs .


Our tastings are designed to be not only Legendary but also light hearted and relaxed, improving guests knowledge of the tastes they like, and being able to describe some that they dislike which makes buying at retail so much easier!. Our events are interactive and engaging and each one is produced for a specific party. We'll work from your objective and deciding on the theme, to selection & accompaniments, we have hosted Dinner parties for four, and larger scale events for groups in the hundreds.


Popular themes presented in formats from reception to formal dinners can include: 

      ► Wines of the World : Varietals, Regions, Countries, Old / New World, Northern / Southern Hemisphere     

      ► Whiskies : Irish, Scotch, American, International, Regional, Singles / Blends, Distillers or Producers       

      ► Sparkling & Sabers : Opening Bubbly Wines with Sabers, and learning about Sparkling from Champagne to Prosecco

      ► Beer : Styles, Variations, Belgians, Sours, Large Formats and High ABV's  

      Have a Birthday, Graduation, Promotion, Retirement, Pre-Wedding, Family Gathering, Anniversary, Celebration or Pre-Travel how-tos in mind? We can help you with that. Our Cellar space is private and comfortable for small groups, is not open to the public and can be adapted to suit your occasion with ease & flexibility.  To learn more and to discuss your ideas please call us at the wine shop, we'll arrange time with you to come chat with us and put together your very own Legendary event!


Off The Vine has partnered with to host our Experience Calendar and Ticket Sales. The booking portal below will allow guests to book their event on limited dates Bubbles & Sabering class, Wine Tasting or Group Experience!


Our Event Specialist will follow up with you directly to confirm your details and ensure Your Perfect Experience.

Don't despair if you're preferred date or time are not offered here, everything is possible and we are happy to work with you to ensure your satisfaction, and hosting an event you will be proud of!




     Private & Small Group In-Person Wine Tastings can be arranged in our adjacent to the wine shop Cellar space.

Up to 30 guests seated, up to six wines, individual snack plates and up to 90 minutes of presentation and Q&A with our Tasting Moderators.

Also ask about our Saber & Sparkling Class

Tastings too, fun for all occasions! Public Sunday event monthly, private arrangements for minimum 8 Guests  also available.


Everyone Gets To Saber!


$55 per person

Zoom Header.jpg


ENJOY AT HOME ~ Group Events

       Off The Vine has perfected our Tastings By Zoom packages and guests are now enjoying

tasting events in the comfort of their own homes!   

Individual Tasting packages are prepared for pick

up at our shop in Grapevine, or delivery  / shipping can be arranged, then we gather on Zoom, each guest receives credentials to log in!

  Popular for Company, Social or Distance friendly events, we develop a custom event, packaging, delivery and presentation, with you as our host!


$ 65 per person




In Person and Virtual (ZOOM) Events 

   Did You Know We Host Whiskey Tastings Too?

Regularly scheduled public tastings here at our Tasting Room - open seating for up to 30 guests

Generally enjoy six whiskies, selected by style, region, country or specific brands, each event is a little different.  

     Private Tastings are available up to 24 guests, 90 minutes presentation, whiskies, personal snacks, flight cards and tasting notes are also available. Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement & Graduation celebrations! Min 8 Guests (Also available via Zoom with delivery arrangements!)


$69 per person


  • First, Is this for You (+1 or more) or are you looking for arrangements for a group (8 or more)

  • Second - Would you prefer to be here with us (In Person) or hosting virtually online?

  • Third - Would Afternoon or Evening time frame be better?

  • Fourth - Are you looking for a private event for your party, or, attending an event that is open to the public  & sharing the experience while making new friends?

  • Fifth - Do you have a specific area of Wine you want to concentrate on?

       Off The Vine stocks approximately 300 wines at any time, with a small, rotating inventory reflective of the season, and new additions to our market area. Your experience manager will detail your wine flight with you upon confirming your reservation.  


 We offer public tastings here in Grapevine, Texas - Sample Packs are picked up at the shop

Private experiences in person, & Virtual events with Sample Pack pick up, or delivery can be arranged. We have coordinated Tasting Events across the country from small family gatherings to large corporate receptions & celebrations.  




Telephone: 817.421.1091 ~ Email

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